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Lindsay Lohan’s LA car crash a symptom of her busy schedule

By DiMarkco Chandler

Everybody is focusing on Lindsay Lohan’s near-fatal accident this week. Questions of what happened seemed to litter the pages of newspapers and tabloids alike. We learned that the truck driver had no sign of driving under the influence; and that the Santa Monica police department is offering $1,000 reward to anyone that can offer up a tip that will lead to an arrest.

But Lindsey was not injured. Both her and the truck driver were able to walk away from the injury; so why all the focus here? I’m not sure if I can answer that question, but I have an opinion.

It appears to have worked out well for the producer “Liz and Dick,” which was increasingly getting attention this week. Yes, film producers love an atmosphere of anticipation surrounding their work. But in the case of this film, anticipation was somewhat premature and could have exposed more than would have been productive to release. Moreover, the accident exposed how busy Lohan’s schedule has become; this can place extra stress on a person to the extent that it can contribute to carelessness as well as fatigue, which is my theory of what may have happened here. In my mind, Lohan could very well have fallen asleep, and if that is what she did, no one wants that information out, especially Lohan.

Well that is my theory. I’d love to know your thoughts.