Los Angeles Kings win Stanley Cup with assists from Wayne Gretzky and Marty McSorley

By Tadashi

The top 10 reasons why the ice hockey gods are not happy that the Los Angeles Kings have won the Stanley Cup:

#10.  Everything in Lala Land is unnatural: their precious drinking water; their precious unnatural women; and their precious four hour sports fix.  If it lasts more than four hours, go see your doctor… (Your psychiatrist.)

#9. The LA basin has 25 million people in beautiful-weathered Southern California.  It is two NHL hockey teams, two NBA basketball teams but no NFL football team.  So much for the Masters of the Universe media moguls (MOUSEs) thinking  about of the average man (the 99 percent).

#8.  Ice hockey should be a game a father teaches his son in the dead of the winter on a frozen pond in the back yard with the natural outdoor temperature of 3° above zero with the wind swirling,hard driven snow into the bare faces of father and son.  Not in  LaLa land at an indoor rink in Newport Beach.

#7 . Sports teams have gotten so greedy.

#6. Dr. Jerry Buss, real estate Mongol; former entrepreneur professor at USC (University of spoiled children?) and part owner of the LA Kings and the Staples Arena(too big to fail with the taxpayers guaranteeing the bonds needed to build the Arena in a similar way that theFDIC guarantees the stocks and bonds of Morgan Stanley.)

#5.  George Steinbrenner analogy of failed “trickledown economics.

#4.  Hockey rule chances (no blue lines) speeds up the game and has made it a ‘blood sport” like “cage fighting.”

#3.  Dubai and their indoor huge air-conditioned ski sloop…ultimate of spoiled “over consumption.”

#2.  Hockey in sun-filled, surf loving, bikini chick watching southern California is like taking pork sausages on a 40 day hike in the desert.

#1.  to follow

2 Responses to "Los Angeles Kings win Stanley Cup with assists from Wayne Gretzky and Marty McSorley"

  1. aamer   June 16, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    wow, what a hater. enjoy your teams (whatever it is) continuing failure. haha


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