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Matt Cain pitches no-hitter: Why are people unimpressed?

By Amanda Shore

The Mets pitcher Johan Santana pitched a no-hitter game earlier this month, and baseball fans everywhere were more than excited about it. ust earlier this week, R.A. Dickey pitched a one-hitter game. People were less excited about this than Santana’s game and for understandable reasons.

Now, Giants pitcher Matt Cain has thrown the Giants’ first ever no-hitter. So where is the hype? People are saying that no-hitter games are becoming too commonplace. There have already been five this season. But there have only been 22 perfect games in baseball. All the pitchers that have pitched those deserve recognition, including Cain.

The sudden increase can be contributed to any combination of reasons. It could be that the pitchers are better, the batters are worse, there are less drugs and the ballparks are bigger. Pitching techniques have come a long way in the history of baseball, and there are only so many ways that you can effectively swing a bat.

As far as hitting records go, they started dropping in the past few years. With batters hitting less, of course the pitchers are going to look better. This is also due to fewer drugs. Many baseball greats of the past got where they did because of performance enhancing substances.

The bottom line is that this is a feat that not many people ever accomplish. Cain deserves acknowledgement and praise for his accomplishment, not raised eyebrows and shrugs.