Thuggish Chris Brown provokes violent outburst as Drake and his posse expose the real Chris Brown

By DiMarkco Chandler

Chris Brown needs to grow up and take responsibility for his constant controversial altercations. Ever since his thuggish beat down of then-girlfriend Rihanna, Brown has frequently displayed an insensitive disregard for other people’s right to their own space. Now it would only seem wise for Brown to stay as far away from trouble as he can, especially since his probation requires that he not come into contact with law enforcement. But contrary to Brown’s frequent rants that people can’t forget and forgive, Brown seems to reflect a person that he says he’s not.

Brown is undoubtedly, a thug in every sense of the word, and he is headed towards social suicide; and here is how I know. The rapper is seen by wall to wall witnesses at the New York night club, the WIP. Then after he leaves the scene of the clash, he foolishly tweets a picture of his scare and implies that Drake was the catalyst who started the brawl by throwing a bottle at him and folks. As reported by Perez Hilton, “if the authorities, or more specifically, his probation officer, discovers that Chris started the fight, he might be in some serious legal trouble.” Let me repeat, it was Brown that tweeted a photo of his butchered chin, and it was Brown that said in a tweet, “How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol… Throwing bottles like girls? The equation is simple to solve; Brown can’t live without maximizing the measure of attention he is able to attract.

It’s a matter of pride, and you’ve heard the saying: pride before the fall.

Brown has a propensity for violence. We said it with Rihanna, we said it numerous time after their breakup and we’re seeing it again.

Some say it was over Rihanna, but it does not matter. It’s not about Rihanna, it’s about Chris and that is just what he wants it to be.

Outburst after outburst, the real Chris Brown is the Rihanna Chris Brown, so quit trying to cover it up with statements that we need to forget and forgive what he did to his girlfriend back in February of 2009. If Brown is listening, I would say, how can we forget when you keep reminding us by your thug behavior?

One Response to "Thuggish Chris Brown provokes violent outburst as Drake and his posse expose the real Chris Brown"

  1. Media Propoganda   June 15, 2012 at 4:53 pm

    Your headline and ‘article’ are erroneous and clearly biased by your obvious disdain for Chris Brown. All reputable sources, including the cops, are reporting this incident as Chris and his companions being the victims of an unprovoked attack by Drake and his ‘posse’. Not sure which is more embarrassing, you quoting Perez Hilton, your typographical errors and me taking the time to comment on this dribble of an ‘article’. This coming from someone (me) who doesn’t care for either Chris Brown or Drake. I just find reckless reporting irritating.


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