Justin Bieber not a man yet – Neither is the injured Chris Brown

What will Bieber’s Interview on The Today Show

By DiMarkco Chandler

Justin Bieber’s handlers have positioned the pop star to have it all. Growing up in the music business, Bieber is practically untarnished by the kinds of controversy that have plagued the likes of Chris Brown, Drake, Lil Wayne and Rihanna; even Lindsay Lohan has journeyed down that bad girl road of attention. It appears that the worst Bieber has ever done to warrant the bad boy image was to throw a balloon at a police officer’s crotch back in 2010. Kid’s stuff when you compare him to his contemporaries.

It appears Scooter Braun is presently reinforcing this kid image by pointing out that Bieber is “Not Yet A Man.” The singer will enjoy his popularity later today when he makes his way to The Today Show to open up about his commitment to his fans, his public image and the release of his new Album “Believe,” scheduled to be released on June 19.

Literally thousands of young girls have lined up in front of the NBC studio to catch a glimpse of Bieber before and after his interview with Matt Lauer.

So while Bieber’s fan attention naturally leaves Chris Brown and others like him far behind in the distance, the controversial Brown has a way of leveling the playing field by finding a way to draw attention, bad or good. The two stars could never be more different. Bieber, not yet a man, runs from trouble while Brown, considered his own man, runs to misfortune as though it were a magnet. Where they might find some synergy could perhaps lie in the fact that Bieber does not look for violent publicity because, after all, if he is as his manager has stated, not a man yet, then we should not expect him to fight like a man.

On the other hand, it’s a shame that Brown, who boasts of his manhood, not only does not act like a man but he does not fight like a man.

3 Responses to "Justin Bieber not a man yet – Neither is the injured Chris Brown"

  1. Tia Hines   June 15, 2012 at 11:14 am

    Would there be a reason why you mentioned all Black celebrities as the troublemakers, and Lindsay Lohan as though it was so surprising she had issues just like ANY child star could have?

    Chris Brown has done his time. Let him live, let her live. She obviously doesn’t care.

    • freddie   June 15, 2012 at 3:44 pm

      You are so right I was about to post the same thing you did…Let me add to the list this “person” failed to mention..Miley Cyrus, she made a few headlines with her semi nude pics, Paris Hilton, Hannah Montana Sexually provocative images, Britney Spears, Corey Haim just to name a few


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