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Michelle Obama visits Henderson Nevada

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama @ Henderson Convention Center Photo by Raen Badua

By Albert Angulo

Henderson Nevada June 19th — “Another four years! Another four years!” People chanted at the Henderson Convention Center,  meaning that Nevada deserves another four years of President Obama as they waited for the first lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, in what it comes to be her third surprise  visit to this State, answering to the invitation made by Henderson local supporters.

“Nobody can do everything but everybody can do something,” said Emma Sutton, retired librarian who volunteered for the event and was one of the speakers at the podium.

The first lady told the audience an emotional story about how her father debated many times over paying  rent or paying college loans, Michelle gave an emotional testimony about her father, who showed her unconditional love and worked very hard.

Among other topics, birth control for women, gay rights and social security benefits were addressed, but the main message of her speech was definitely not to let voters forget of the accomplishments of her Husband Barack Obama.

On immigration, the first lady made the same case Obama did last week when he ordered the Department of Homeland Security not to deport an estimated 800,000 young immigrants who grew up here after their parents brought them to the United States illegally.”They came here as children and were raised as Americans,” the first lady said to loud cheers. “While this is an important step, it is not a permanent solution. It is not. So Barack is going to keep fighting to give these children a real path to citizenship.”

On her way to convention center, Mrs. Obama stopped at Sunrise Coffee at Sunset and Pecos this afternoon. She ordered a passion tea, talked about the weather and left a very good tip said an employee.

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