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Mr Rogers remix video goes viral in your PBS neighborhood

Those of us who are just showing signs of gray hair and were raised with the ‘Mr Rogers Neighborhood’ show were able to share their love for the show with their own children. Now, thanks to PBS partnering with Symphony of Science’s John D. Boswell, they will be able to share the Mr. Rogers they knew with their grandchildren. This partnering has created a show that will enchant today’s child much as we were when we were young.

The original show was aimed at an audience of two to five year olds, but anyone of any age could enjoy it. It ran from February, 19, 1968 on Net and then PBS until August 31, 2001. It could also be seen until August 29, 2008 on most PBS stations as reruns.

Our ‘Mr. Rogers’ showed us the world around us and how things worked, made noise or were of use to us. He described the occupations people had such as Post Man, Barber, etc. He showed us how to use a tape recorder and the electronic equipment that surrounded us.

Now, today’s child will be able to open up a page, see a picture and click on objects in the picture or different pictures and see what is behind them. Examples of this may be to click on a door, and it will open showing clothes in a closet. Click on a picture of fortune cookies and see how they are made from start to finish. It is intriguing to watch.

Folks, we grownups will enjoy this also.