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Sheryl Crow Anna Kornikova: blond bombshells with power

By Tadashi

Two drop-dead- gorgeous blonde bomb shell   beauties.  If you would add grace, power (voice and tennis serve, respectively) you   would be describing the 2012 Uber Woman, Sheryl Crow and Anna Kournikova.  Sheryl is a world-trotting, memorizing singer-songwriter now residing in good old Nashville Tennessee.  Sheryl has gallivanted across the genres of music as well as the “genres” of men. (Eric Clapton, Lance Armstrong and?” Sheryl is truly an Uber-Female… World superstar singer and songwriter, Mother, Lover, producer and film Queen.  Her melancholy voice could woo any young Tennessee tobacco farm boy from his daddy’s farm.  Her lovers?  Ladies…Can you imagine the ultimate English Chic of dining at the exclusive Wheelers restaurant off Piccadilly Circus with Sir Eric Clapton? And then a year later to continue the development of your already jaded lifestyle, you set Lance Armstrong as your next target?  Mission   Accomplished    because for two years your grinning photo with Lance increased with the amounting number of Stages and overall Tour de France championships won by Sir Lance.  But wait, there is more: her tragic announcement of her own cancer (breast, verses Lances’ testicular), her miraculous recovery, and now her amorous photos with   Dolye Bramhall, 11.

Sheryl was sent quotes from the book written by Tadashi, soon to be published in English, “Inner Peace (including the use of modern devices!)

This beautiful talented superstar Uber Woman is turning inward for her soul satisfaction. Good luck Cheryl, the arc of your life’s curve is going in the correct direction towards Peace.

Anna Kournikova. The first thing that comes to mind when Anna Kournikova catches your eye… “That graceful blonde Amazon must have incredible DNA.”  And this is true, since her mother was a tall track and field champion and her father a sumo wrestler and a PhD in mathematics (or some other science field hardly known to American college students.)   But due to injury this budding Uber Woman turned her natural skills in front of crowds to her advantage. She now wears more clothes than she wore at Wimbledon (and sometimes, less) as a model.  She will gain her Uber Woman status, alongside Sheryl Crow, and voted for by all the borderline, retired Uber Men, if she passes her next test.  What will you choose, Anna?   1. Will you consume more and more and live an Uber Fast life like Elvis Presley and John Belushi and pass on at 43? Or, 2.  Turn inward, consume less but with more intensity, and find true contentment within yourself, your friends, your country and, possibly, the world. What would your choice be, Reader?  Think carefully and reply to:  nolobbymoney.com.


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