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Obama or Romney can’t help: The (water bill) piper must be paid

By Phyllis Dolinsky

The water bills from many people are reaching such heights that they are becoming unmanageable. People on fixed incomes, young people just starting out, the unemployed and the average person earning a decent living but faced with increasing costs everywhere in the form of gas, clothes, medical expenses and utility costs, which never seem to go down.

Now let’s look at the other side: the water company. For 20 years, money was coming in from the vast growth of Las Vegas, which allowed the bills to remain low or reasonable due to the seemingly ever-increasing number of new homes being built and the resulting “connection fees,” which peaked at $188 million and have now dropped to $11 million. Now that growth has dried up (pun intended), massive increases in metered water rates are being implemented by the Water District.

There is also debt from building a third intake pipeline as insurance against future drought. So you see there are two very critical sides of the story. Both have valid points.

How about feedback from the readers showing how a fair resolution can be made.