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Olympic Boxer Teofilo Stevenson dies at 60

By Amanda Shore

The three-time Olympic champion boxer Teofilo Stevenson has died at age 60 of a heart attack. Doctors had detected a clot in an artery near his heart in January. He was hospitalized for several weeks and then released in February.

Out of 321 fights, he won 302 of them. That’s an incredible feat for anyone. Three of those wins won him gold medals in the Olympics. The first was in 1972 in Munich, 1976 in Montreal and 1980 in Moscow. Earlier this year, he told the Associated Press, “The Olympic Games in Munich and Montreal are the fondest memories I have from my life.”

This phenomenal heavyweight boxer passed up the chance to turn pro and earn millions, saying that he “prefer[s] the affection of 8 million Cubans.”