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One worker dead one injured

By Randy Rose

According to the National Park Service, a construction worker was killed Monday afternoon at the site of one of the tunnels under construction by the Nevada Water Authority at Lake Mead.

All the other workers at the site survived, though there may be other injuries. The nature of the accident at the under-construction tunnel is still unclear. The construction site is an area off of Lakeshore Drive near the Lake Mead Recreation Area.

According to Southern Nevada Water Authority, the tunnel is part of Intake No. 3, known as the Third Straw. The project was created to deal with ongoing drought conditions in southern Nevada and was scheduled for completion in 2014.

Intake 3 was designed to draw lake water as low as 1,000 feet above sea level, assuring a steady supply in case the lake’s level drops too low for Intake No. 1 to draw water.

More to come as details become clear.