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Ron Paul Wins Iowa

By Randy Rose
This article may look a lot like the article I wrote where Ron Paul won Nevada. The work that is done at the State GOP Conventions around the country is very important. That is where the delegates are chosen to attend the National GOP Convention in Tampa. In Iowa, the final results are Ron Paul 23, and the final five are Romney delegates. Check out my previous article for the similar Nevada results. The results prove that there is a ground swell in this country that yearns for liberty, and Dr. Ron Paul has the right medicine for America.
Ron Paul has over 500 Delegates heading to Tampa, and there are two scenarios playing out. The first is the lawsuit in Federal Court suing the Gop to allow all delegates the right to vote their own choice and be free from being forced to vote for a man they cannot in good conscience vote for. The second is rule 40 in the GOP rule book that allows nominations from the convention floor for Vice-President. That could result in a Romney/Paul ticket that would win in a landslide victory for the Republicans in the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives. The bottom line is that this should be a fun convention to watch, but the democrats will have a snooze fest. The problem would be if it turns out to be a Romney/insert Progressive Republican, then Obama will get re-elected, and the Establishment GOP will be dazed. Then, true conservatives who love liberty and the Constitution will rise up.

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