See Preview of Jersey Shore season 6 without Snooki: Featuring Bar Brawl Cast and Arrest of (Meatball) Deena Nicole

Jersey Shore Unedited

By DiMarkco Chandler

“Jersey Shore,” for the many of you that have heard of it and equally for those that choose not to watch it, you’re not missing much. It’s their antics have become a day to day comedy drama personified. This weekend was no exception. But before we tackle new gossip, let’s do a little catching up.

The reality series Jersey Shore premiered on MTV in December 2009. It followed the lives of eight housemates that spent time at the Jersey Shore: That’s Jersey as in New Jersey. Season two put the gang in Miami Beach in the winter, and season three had them back in New Jersey, or should I say Jersey Shore. Season four was filmed in Italy and premiered in August of 2011. In Season five, the cast wound up back at the Shore, and so forth and so forth. Now you’re caught up.

The show has yielded record rating for MTV and has become their most-watched series ever, so nobody was surprised back in March 2012 when MTV confirmed that there would be a sixth season. That season may have started filming this weekend. Us Weekly learned that the gang was involved in a barn blazing bar fight inside the Bamboo Bar in Seaside Heights.

While the film crew was shooting footage for this upcoming season, TMZ and report that several cast-members were involved in a “massive” bar brawl on Friday night.

Witnesses say that the altercation started out as a minor misunderstanding, then quickly proliferated into a “massive brawl” according to Us Weekly. “Jenni’s (JWoww) boyfriend is said to have beat up a few guys along with the help of Pauly, Ronnie and Sitch. During the ruckus, Jenni twisted her ankle.

Saturday, following the incident, JWow was seen on crutches with her best friend Snooki, who was not present during the Friday brawl.

Sunday brought another round of Jersey Shore drama. Deena Cortese, who did not join the cast until season three, was arrested a few hours ago at 3:38 p.m. in New Egypt, N.J. for disorderly conduct. The self-proclaimed “meatball and blast in a glass” had a few too many glasses of whatever the blast was. Police chief Tommy Boyd told NBC New York that Cortese was “a little intoxicated” and was stopped, handcuffed and arrested after an officer observed the Jersey Shore star slapping passing cars in the middle of the street.

Following her arrest, Cortese’s was bailed out of jail by her parents.

So for those of you that have waited and anticipated the arrival of season six, you’ve just had your prescribed medicine tube filled. Just stay tuned because it’s a sure bet another episode will be served up by next weekend.

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  1. Maria v   June 17, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    You guys rock

  2. Jack Padgett   June 13, 2012 at 8:57 am

    I love the jersey shore cant wait to watch season 6


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