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Shocking Reasons Why Katie Holmes Filed To Divorce Tom Cruise:

Holmes refuses to drink anymore Scientology Kool-Aid

By DiMarkco Chandler

Tom Cruise, who is currently filming his upcoming sci-fi thriller “Oblivion” in Iceland, may have been shocked yesterday as news of an impending divorce between him and Katie Holmes was announced through her New Jersey-based lawyer Friday morning. The 49-year-old “Risky Business” star seemed to be caught with his eyes wide shut as it appears that Cruise “was taken by surprise,” according to People.com.   The breakup spread like wildfire as media outlets competed throughout the day in an effort to explain the cause of the sudden collapse of their 5-year marriage. As recent as June 16, 2012, Cruise and Holmes looked like a happy couple. Aceshowbiz.com claimed that “the couple was spotted holding hands when taking a stroll down the street of Reykjavik in Iceland” two weeks ago, where Cruise is filming his new movie. Nevertheless, in what appears to have been a premeditated move, Holmes filed for divorce on Thursday, June 28 in New York citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Holmes’ action and Cruise’s apparent shock has fed the rumor mills the raw meat it constantly craves. Some reports have gone as far as to characterize the breakup as a mystery surrounding the numbers 3, 6 and 33. An msn.com website headline that read “All three of Tom Cruise’s marriages ended when wife was 33” racked in the views as it offered a brief analogy of the weird coincidence suggesting that Cruise’s three wives were 33-years-old when their breakups were announced. It is true that Cruise’s marriage to Mimi Rogers ended in 1990 when he apparently left her for, at that time, a-23-year-old Nicole Kidman. And it is equally true that in December of 1990, Tom Cruise walked out on Kidman, citing “irreconcilable differences.” So when word came this past Friday, that the 33-year-old Holmes had filed for divorce, it did not go unnoticed on social media websites, which often demonstrate a sense of history. See the following link for more on this theory. https://guardianlv.com/2012/06/katie-holmes-fears-may-have-pushed-her-to-divorce-cruise/

While I found the ideal that some mystical numerology theory might prove to be the reason Tom Cruise’s marriage to Holmes had come to an end, it just didn’t quite seem to explain its abrupt unexpectedness. It had to be something more than a coincidence or mystery.

As I searched the news reports spanning the actor’s 31-year career, I kept pausing on Cruise’s involvement with Scientology. I wondered could the mega star’s problems have risen from his affiliation with the very religion believed to offer its followers peace on earth. And then I thought, “Did Cruise drink the Kool-Aid, and was he trying too hard to get his mates to drink it also?”

On May 9, 1987, a 24-year-old Tom Cruise exchanged vows with Mimi Rogers, an actress 6 years older than he. Now I know the number 6 is there but that aside, the more mature Rodgers took him under her wings and introduced Cruise to her new religion, Scientology. After 3 years of marriage Cruise divorced Rogers. Rogers would later claim in a 1993 “Playboy” interview that “Tom was seriously thinking of becoming a monk…he thought he had to be celibate to maintain the purity of his instrument.” She added that her own instrument “needed tuning.”

Following his marriage to Rogers, Cruise immediately married Nicole Kidman. Tom had first met Nicole in the movie Dead Calm. Reports suggest that he found her to be quite attractive and arranged for her a role in “Days of Thunder.” In storybook style Cruise married Kidman who at the time was 23 in December of 1990. In the early months of their marriage Kidman joined Scientology, some say apparently to placate Cruise. As their marriage neared its final years/months/days Kidman proved she had a mind of her own. Sources as well as Kidman herself confirm that Cruise was unable to tolerate her indifference to his religion. In an abcnews.go.com article it was clear that Cruise chose to end the relationship and filed for divorce on February 7, 2001 in a Los Angeles Superior Court seeking joint custody of the couple’s two adopted children. Though stories floated about that the cause of the breakup might be linked to a George Clooney/Kidman relationship, it appears that Nicole was unwilling to drink the Kool-Aid.

Fast forward to Cruise/Holmes or TomKat as they were often referred to; the couple were married in 2006, seven months after their daughter Suri was born. During their five years of marriage, it appears that Holmes’ acting career took a back seat to Cruise’s stardom. Story after story depicted Holmes as an obedient housewife living in the shadows of her famous husband. However, anyone looking in on the relationship could not help but to recognize that there was something tragically wrong. Holmes’ entire personality seemed to get lost in the enormous superstar shadow that accompanied Tom Cruise. No one really knew who she was and what she believed in other than the fact that she believed in Cruise. And from the likes of things that just the way Cruise wanted it to be. Now suddenly, it appears that sleeping beauty has awakened; perhaps because she realized the damage that an all imposing Cruise might have on their 6-year-old daughter. My theory is that Holmes woke up one morning and decided while her husband was away that she would drink the Kool-Aid anymore; especially because she knew if she continued to drink, the next cup would be for her daughter Suri. After, cautiously examining her last five years of marriage and how it had change her personality, Holmes decided that she wanted her daughter to have more. That is why she filed for sole custody of Suri. This way she would have the final say as to where her daughter would go to school and what religion she would follow. It’s fair to say that Scientology will not be on her list of choices.

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