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Summer courses in progress at CSN

By Luis Cabrera

The registration period has expired, and classes were scheduled to start on June 4th for the summer term at the College of Southern Nevada. The final date to cover tuition costs for these short and intensive courses was June 1st.

Summer classes present an opportunity for those who want to advance their credits earning at the college or need to make up for lost opportunities on previous academic undertakings.

For these undergraduates, one or more class at CSN in between the regular spring and fall semesters may be the right fit. However, lecture days here are much more frequent than in the customary schedule because there is less time available for the course of study. A typical sixteen-week course is condensed into a month and a half in most cases.

Many subjects in different fields of study become available during these short months, but the spectrum of classes offered is limited.

Students who undergo the rigorous program must be present at the classroom almost every day during the summer months with most classes running on a Monday through Thursday weekly schedule.

A summer class period typically lasts from an hour and a half to up to three hours in some cases, and each lecture comes accompanied by homework assignments.

Early Registration for Fall Semester Closes

The preferential period of early registration for undergrads already attending CSN has closed. This favored chance to pick up classes without worrying about unavailable courses, ran through the month of May.

Such process is typically done online by most students, and it presents a big improvement over previous systems at the College of Southern Nevada. Waiving the need to appear in person at the student center help desk and the advantage of browsing different courses and schedules available for the fall are big enticers for students to register early.

The regular registration schedule begins on June 4th, and at least a partial payment for tuition must be made on the same day as enrollment. The College of Southern Nevada is currently offering a monthly payment plan for students who cannot afford to pay the full tuition amount at once or are not receiving Federal or State aid.

Classes for the fall 2012 semester at CSN begin on August 27th.

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