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Scott Walker Republican Agenda Survive Wisconsin’s recall vote unless Democrats Vote

Union Busting or Unionizing 

By DiMarkco Chandler

Madison, Wis.—If you are a political junky living anywhere in the United States, Wisconsin’s recall battle will have you salivating and on the edge of your seat until the last vote is counted. No matter which party you adhere to, this election outcome promises to affect national politics in all 50 states. The familiar narrative of the haves vs. the have nots includes the State of Wisconsin vs. Unions and a powerful State party and its governor vs. collective bargaining are the central issues that have triggered this recall effort. The stakes have rarely been this high, as this election has the potential to provide a clear momentum and edge to the national agenda of the party that wins. In order to grasp this point, let’s review the dispute from each side of the argument.

Reuter reports in an online article called “Five questions and answers about the Wisconsin recall.” In 2010, Scott Walker defeated Mayor Tom Barrett in the Wisconsin general election for governor. At the same time, Republicans won majorities in the Wisconsin legislature. Immediately, after being sworn in, Walker began a relentless agenda that pushed through legislature to curb power of public sector unions. Keep in mind that Wisconsin has a strong and long history of unionized workforce; it’s home to Harley Davidson and became “the first state to allow collective bargaining for state and local government workers in 1959. Hence, Walker and his Republican legislature were able to approve measures that would force union members to pay more to their medical and pension plans, nullifying previous agreements. In addition, Walker’s actions went farther. and actually legislated away much of the power for Unions to collectively bargain in the State of Wisconsin.  This is the main crux of the argument and therefore the outcome of tomorrows recall election could have a major impact on labor unions and the Democratic party since that rely heavily on the union vote. On the other hand if Scott Walker should lose and be recalled it will send a message to governors throughout the nation not to attempt to bust up a union.

No matter who wins in Wisconsin’s recall election, the trajectory of our nation will be significantly impacted.

From a look at recent polls, Walker will not be easy to beat unless Democrats show up at the polls.

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