Maine Contemplates Viking-Style Funeral Pyres

Maine Contemplates Viking-Style Funeral Pyres

The state of Maine is contemplating allowing Viking-style funeral pyres. According to Maine’s Portland Press Herald — published on March 23, 2021 — Legislatures will be weighing whether or not to allow the ancient ritual of outdoor cremations. This would give many people in the Pine State the ability to celebrate their lives like a […]

Attention Men, the Women Are Coming

Women are becoming dangerous for white males who have been dominant since 1776.

Attention Men It’s Time to “Put Up, Or Shut Up”  While campaigning, government officials are fond of using lots of “patriotic” words.  Among them are “freedom”, “democracy”, and “equality.”  Let’s see what some politicians really mean, when they use these words designed to create an emotional response. Our country was founded to create religious freedom […]

Scott Walker Republican Agenda Survive Wisconsin’s recall vote unless Democrats Vote

Union Busting or Unionizing  By DiMarkco Chandler Madison, Wis.—If you are a political junky living anywhere in the United States, Wisconsin’s recall battle will have you salivating and on the edge of your seat until the last vote is counted. No matter which party you adhere to, this election outcome promises to affect national politics in […]