Attention Men, the Women Are Coming

Attention Men

It’s Time to “Put Up, Or Shut Up”

 While campaigning, government officials are fond of using lots of “patriotic” words.  Among them are “freedom”, “democracy”, and “equality.”  Let’s see what some politicians really mean, when they use these words designed to create an emotional response.

Our country was founded to create religious freedom for everyone.  The core reason for its existence today, is our Founding Father’s revolt against the Anglican Church.

But many freedoms no longer exist in the United States.  For eight years anyone who was not “Christian” was also “un-American.”  With the virtual elimination of the “middle class,” only a few Americans have the ability to live their lives the way they wish.  The freedom to own your own home, to achieve the “American Dream,” is no longer a reasonable goal for far too many.  Millions of Americans have no health insurance or have insurance that is inadequate. They all too frequently are forced into bankruptcy and lose of all their assets if a major health catastrophe strikes.

Democracy in its pure form does not exist in the United States.  We are a “democratic republic.”  We do not directly vote for or against the laws of the land.  We elect Congressmen and Senators to do it for us.  That has failed thanks to lobbyists who represent special interest groups.  What our elected officials actually vote for is often frivolous, or has no positive effect on the largest numbers of our nation’s people.  For more than four years, our House of Representative has blocked all legislation that might be beneficial to the majority of their constituents.

Equality should not be in our vocabulary.  In no way are the poor, equal to the wealthy.  In no way do natural born citizens, consider immigrants to be their equal.  Racism and bigotry are growing problems for African Americans and homosexuals.  We have become less a nation of tolerance, than ever before.

And today, in 2013, women are still fighting to be accepted as equals to a prolonged male dominated society.

Thanks to wars created by predominately male governments, women generally outnumber men.  But they still are not guaranteed equal pay for equal work.  They are still objectified in movies, on television, in sports, and most of all, in commercials. In addition, they are continually told, by men, what to do with their own bodies.

The “good ole boys” club, has proven it is still in power in the House of Representatives.  The Republican-controlled body says they will not vote for the VAWA, the “Violence Against Women Act,” because two provisions were added by the Senate:  Native Americans and female immigrants were included in the legislation.

The House also wants to end all funding for Planned Parenthood, which assists hundreds of thousands of low income and poverty level women.

The good news is that in the last 15-20 years, women have begun to join the political battle.  They are voting in greater numbers, and we have more women serving in the federal government than ever before.  They are more career-minded than in the past, considering marriage less of a personal goal.  Because women as a whole, are increasingly becoming more aware of the larger world around them. They are interested in current issues, and in which bills are moving through the legislature.  They’re becoming dangerous for white males who have been dominant since 1776.

If the “good ole boys” of the Republican Party feared an African American President, how would they feel about a woman President?

James Turnage

Columnist-The Guardian Express