Tyson vs. Tyson as Iron Mike faces himself on Broadway assisted by director Spike Lee

By DiMarkco Chandler

Before there was Zombie Apocalypse, the Canadian Cannibal, Alexander Kinyua or bath salts, there was ear biting, leg chewing Iron Mike Tyson; who could bite an ear off a fighter and avoid prosecution. One of his nick names was “The Baddest Man on the Planet,” and judging from his past, the name was quite literally true. Today, Tyson is slowly but surely on track to shed an image that gained him much fortune and countless moments of humiliation. These days, the former Heavyweight Champion of the World is trading in his boxing gloves in order step on to a different stage. Team Tyson will be join director Spike Lee to bring his one man show to Broadway.

The show about the highs and lows of a retired heavyweight boxer and media target was first performed at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV. Now add the direction of Spike Lee’s Broadway debut, and you have a formula for success.

The content of the show centers in on the fact that Tyson was the youngest person to date to win the Heavyweight Championship and as a result was in the media spotlight for the majority of his life, let alone the majority of his career. The show will highlight Tyson’s battles outside of the ring and allow Tyson to express things about his experiences that up until now was rarely known. In many ways, Tyson is still fighting, but the difference is that his opponent is himself.

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