Unconventional Actress & Academy Award Nominee, Susan Tyrrell Has Died

By DiMarkco Chandler

Academy Award nominee Susan Tyrrell died on Sunday at 67. The actress was best known for her Oscar nomination supporting performance as a drunk in John Huston’s 1972 boxing drama, “Fat City.”

In 2000, Tyrrell was diagnosed with Thrombocythemia, a rare disease affecting the bone marrow. The disease forced doctors to have to remove both of her legs. In spite of the setback,  she continued her acting career.

She is also known for playing in some very unorthodox films, which became popular amongst a cult following.

Variety.com has reported the actress’s daughter as saying, “The last thing my mother said to me was, ‘SuSu, your life is a celebration of everything that is cheap and tawdry.’ I’ve always liked that, and I’ve always tried to live up to it.”

Tyrrell died in Austin, and details of her death have not yet been released.

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