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15 Reasons Why Mitt Romney Might Choose Tim Pawlenty

By DiMarkco Chandler

When Tim Pawlenty was a candidate running for President of the United States, he had the respect of his party. Now, a year since he abandoned his challenge for the White House, the Minnesota Governor appears to be on the short list in Mitt Romney’s search for a suitable Vice President running mate.

Though Pawlenty is not a home run, he has perhaps the best overall resume that could enhance Mitt Romney’s chances to become the 45th President of the United States.

The following list represents 15 reasons why Mitt Romney will choose Tim Pawlenty for his Vice President running mate.

1)       He is a strong religious conservative which will bring the religious right solidly with him.

2)      He can name some newspapers that he has read and he knows a couple of Supreme Court cases.

3)      He was born into a pro union household in a working-class enclave of South St. Paul.

4)      His father was a truck driver who served stints at meatpacking plants giving Pawlenty a prospective that Democrats often point out is lacking with Romney.

5)      Pawlenty is an Evangelical Christian.

6)      He was a dark horse pick for the Republican nomination in 2012 giving him a measure of popularity.

7)      One reason he is a good choice is because he can’t harm the ticket.

8)      He has governing experience a bootstraps biography and an authentic middle-class mien that make him helpful with attracting blue-collar voters in the Rust Belt Battlegrounds where Romney has often struggled.

9)      He can appeal to Chamber of Commerce conservatives as well as Tea Partyers and Evangelicals.

10)   He was runner up to Palin in 2008 so he has been vetted.

11)    Since Obama is vulnerable, Pawlenty is a safe choice.

12)   No baggage of the Bush administration.

13)   He could very well satisfy many factions of the Republican party without out shinning the candidate.

14)   He could help voters feel more comfortable with Romney’s Mormonism especially among conservatives.

15)   As Governor of Minnesota, Pawlenty restricted abortions and expanded gun rights. In addition he stocked his state’s judiciary with conservative judges as well as curved spending.

Though Pawlenty had once declined to be interested in becoming VP, time has a way of changing the mind. As it stands, most experts will tell you that the Governor will enthusiastically accept if Romney were to choose him.

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