Al Franken’s Partner On SNL, Tom Davis Dies At 59

By DiMarkco Chandler

Emmy Award winner Tom Davis died today, July 19, 2012 from throat and neck cancer. The comedian was 59-years-old when he passed away at his home in Hudson Valley, north of New York City.

Davis is best known for his partnership with Senator Al Franken as they teamed up to form the comedy duo “Franken & Davis,” which premiered on the legendary Saturday Night Live television show.

Davis assisted Franken to write the screenplay for the film “One More Saturday Night.”

The comedian created a number of popular SNL sketches such as “Theodoric of York, Medieval Barber” featuring Steve Martin, the “Nick The Lounge Singer” sketches with Bill Murray, and “The Continental” with Christopher Walken, according to Wikipedia.

Davis was involved with the creation of the very popular “Coneheads” skit, which featured Dan Aykroyd.

The CBS affiliate in Minnesota quoted Al Franken on their website as saying “Today is a sad day for all of us who loved Tom … I spoke with his mom this afternoon and she recalled fondly all the laughter that would come from the basement when Tom and I first got started in comedy.”

The New York Times points of the “Mr. Davis never lost the quirky, original voice that helped shape the show, and in his last months he referred to death as ‘deanimation.’

During his last days the “Times” reports that he was working on a script with Dan Aykroyd for a possible “Ghostbuster III” film.

In his Memoir, Davis wrote about his friendship and falling out with Franken. The two later reconciled.

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