Apple’s New iPhone 5, More New Stuff Revealed & Lots of New iPhone 5 Images

By DiMarkco Chandler

There are some new rumors swirling around the new iPhone 5. The connector is the latest rumor banding about the web.

Right now the iPhone 4 has a 30 pin connector; apple has used it for years. Now it looks like apple will replace it with a 19 pin connector which happens to be a little narrower. You will have to buy a new charger connector for your car etc. In fact, any kind of product you use your iPhone with, you’re going to have to purchase a new connector if you intend on using various gadgets in conjunction.

The screen on the iPhone 4 is a 3.5 inch screen which was great when it first came out but the new iPhone it is rumored to have a wider and bigger screen, so that it has a bigger aspect ratio. It will be better for movies and videos.

The new iPhone 5 should have 4G around the world and NFC which allows you to purchase things on the phone, and perhaps it will have a faster chip.

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