The Power of Technology – A Veteran Farewell

By Bridgette Bryant

This week at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Boulder City, NV, citizens from all over the Valley joined together to say goodbye to three of Americas soldiers.

This is a standard weekly event at the cemetery, but this week, something was very different. The Masters of Ceremony meet every Thursday to honor our late Veterans and typically only two are in attendance. This time, however, the room was packed with Veterans, the Patriot Guard, political candidates, and Constitution-supporters and the walls were lined with patriots carrying our flag. There were over 100 people in attendance.

“Wow,” commented one Veteran as he walked down the line and saw this unprecedented moment.

So what monumental change created this type of turnout for an event that occurs each week? Technology.

One honest email from Diane Burnett requesting that people come to form a flag line in honor of Navy Veteran, Dawkin, and Army Veteran Duran was sent, forwarded, and passed on to others. It tugged the hearts of the people and elicited and unprecedented response.

The pride and power of the American Flag stood rich and warm in the air as the Guard performed the Flag-Folding Ceremony. Hearts were quieted and heads were bowed as the sanctity of the moment washed over the room.

As they folded our beautiful flag, you could sense the spirits of soldiers watching at attention. You could feel the dignity of fighting for a cause thick in the air and you were immediately aware of the honor we have in being citizens of the United States of America.

This ceremony ignited an even deeper passion for our nation within each individual present and gave us a modern reminder that cannot be ignored. Technology is here to stay and has power we have not fully harnessed. Though technology now moves and reaches people at a pace unmatched, this day also reminded us that the greatest asset we have must always be honored and protected: our freedom.

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