Chris Edwards – Republican Nominee, Congressional District 1

By Randy Rose
I met with Chris Edwards to get an idea of where he stands on issues and gauge his political compass. Today there are so many Progressives in our party that it is tough to find a true conservative. The good news is that Chris is indeed a conservative. The most important issue that will create jobs , stabilize home prices and grow the economy is HR 25 in the House of Representatives, and Chris has vowed to co-sponsor HR 25 if you elect him this November. The first thing Chris mentioned was his thanks to all the voters who voted in the primary, and he thanked his staff and volunteers. He did not have any donations, and spent $140,000.00 of his own money in the primary which helped him win. He said he knows that democrats outnumber republicans 2 to 1 and to win will be an uphill battle. He will need financial support from you in order to beat Dina Titus ( ), the retread from CD 3 coming to CD 1 after being kicked out of office. Chris went on to say he is a constitutionalist and loves Liberty and he is not happy with Obamacare and the many liberties lost in it. He promises to vote according to the principles of the voters and not to go along with any agenda. Chris believes that the retread Dina Titus will vote as she is instructed to do from Nancy Pelosi just like she did last time in office. Chris feels that with his experience as a U.S. Naval Officer and the work he did overseas and in Washington D.C. gives him the edge in the qualifications to hold office. Chris is pretty much a liberty lover but stops short of giving you the liberty to smoke whatever you choose. He feels the current laws are stupid but falls short of legalization. He feels the medical marijuana laws need to allow for seed possession, and take it off the felony books. Chris wants to repeal Dodd-Frank, Obamacare, and vows to co-sponsor HR25. Chris feels the border is wide open because the U.S. Government has allowed it to be so, and the solution is to enforce current laws.  In light of the Supreme Court decision to uphold Obamacare, HR 25 is vital. We must repeal the 16th Amendment to stop the Government from taxing us to death. Go to Chris’ website and donate what you can. Democrats love HR 25 too, but their leaders will not do what the people demand.