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Turkey Scambles F-16s

[subscribe2]By Randy Rose

Tensions in the Middle East are on a hair trigger as a Syrian helicopter may have flown into Turkish airspace on Saturday. There was no confrontation according to the Turkish Military. These high tensions stem from the shooting down of a Turkish aircraft on June 22. Turkey recently has fortified its borders with anti-aircraft weapons and missiles pointing at Syria. This after many high-ranking Syrian military officers defected to Turkey.

Further tension with more rhetoric from Iran stating war is imminent. Gen. Hossein Salami, the deputy chief commander of the Revolutionary Guards said,”“Iran has complete control of all the enemy’s interests around the world and is on a path to reach equivalency with world powers.” The commander emphasized that Iran’s nuclear program is irreversible, the Islamic Republic News Agency reported. “The current sanctions will only help Iran with its progress, and the Iranian ballistic missiles can target the enemy’s moving carriers with 100 percent accuracy,” he warned the West. “The Guards’ operational plan includes a radius of deterrence in the region in which all interests of the enemy have been identified, and in case of war, those interests will be attacked.” Previous they have said missiles are aimed at U.S. bases and other areas that are important to America. Gen. Hossien continued to speak. “Our defense inventory is so great that at times our brothers in the Guards face limitations with space.”

I’m not sure why they think the U.S. will strike Iran when our President would never let that happen.