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Comic-Con: “Man of Steel” Director Thoughts Superman vs Batman “Are You Kidding”

By DiMarkco Chandler

There is a long wait before “Man of Steel” is released into a theater near you. June 14, 2013, if the world does not end by then, is its official opening date.

British actor Henry Cavill will play the role of the “Man of Steel,” and he promises to give fans their money’s worth.

Some of you may not know that Cavill was scheduled to play Superman in director McG’s 2004 film “Superman: Flyby,” but when McG was pulled from the project, Bryan Singer decided to cast Bradon Routh in the lead role. Through the years, Cavill has had several roles pass him by, including the role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga; however, by the time production rolled around it was believed that the British actor was too old. After missing so many major Hollywood leading man roles, Cavill was dubbed by Empire magazine as the “Unluckiest Man in Hollywood.”

This year at Comic-Con, producers of “Man of Steel” have dubbed Superman as the “King Daddy” of superheroes. Director Zack Snyder said to an audience of more than 6,000 in attendance that “Superman’s a big responsibility, but he needed to be reintroduced to a new generation. I thought this was a good chance to do something awesome. And we’re doing awesome, I think.”

In the midst of what appeared to be a Superman Halloween costume contest at Comic-Con, Cavill made a surprise visit. He told the audience that “it’s a dream come true to play the iconic superhero… it is pretty intense.”

Director Snyder said that the first teaser will be attached to “The Dark Knight Rises.” Footage at Comic-Con revealed a Superman that was misunderstood by the world around him.

Snyder has said in the past that his Superman has had an edgier character. That goes without question since Warner Bros. chose Christopher Nolan to produce the movie.

Snyder’s strength has always been his superhero movies. Though he made a break onto the scene with his remake of the movie “Dawn of the Dead,” he first made a name for himself with his slo-mo adaptation of “300.” He went on to adapt the unfilmable graphic novel “Watchmen” and then helmed his ill-fated original project “Sucker Punch.” Snyder has quite a unique approach to his craft.

When the movie arrives next year, fans will be thrilled when they see Snyder’s crafty way with cast members Cavill, Amy Adams (The Fighter, Enchanted) as Lois Lane and Michael Shannon (“Revolutionary Road,” “Boardwalk Empire”) as the ruthless General Zod. The cast will also include Russell Crowe, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner and Laurence Fishburne.

Interestingly of all the actors named, only Cavill is without an Oscar or Oscar Nomination.

The footage shown at Comic-Con revealed the brawniest of all superman actors to date as Snyder priority was matching up his star visually with the way he’s depicted in more contemporary comics.

The question was brought up asking Snyder if he believed his Superman could beat Batman; let’s just say the director’s thought were, “are you kidding me?”