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Chris Brown to Rihanna: Do as I say not as I do

By DiMarkco Chandler

It seems more than a month ago that Chris Brown was caught up in a battle for the girl he loves, Rihanna. The successful singer appeared as though he could not get on with his life with out her. Now he is reportedly warning the Grammy Award winning artist to slow down on the wild stuff or else she will end up like the late Amy Winehouse. Does this sound like a former boyfriend or a father? Brown’s behavior is indicative of the fact that he can’t get her out of his mind, or perhaps is he replaying the tape over again.

That night in the wee hours of the morning, a vicious bottle fight broke out between Brown and Drake at the now reopened W.I.P New York City nightclub. At the center of the brutal melee was the beautiful, illustrious R&B superstar vocalist Rihanna. The 24-year-old singer has been romantically linked to both men, and on that night, their acquaintance proved to be a recipe for disaster. Over the last several weeks, there have been conflicting stories suggesting that Brown made a gesture to offer champagne to Drake. Now this part of the story has never been collaborated, but it’s reasonable to believe that something happened between the two that involved more than just eye contact. It appears that the event was quickly followed by, what one witness has stated, flying chips of ice thrown in the direction where Brown was standing, and suddenly, a bottle was reportedly tossed from Brown’s table into the crowd, according to the New York Times. It was followed by four bottles hurled from Drake’s area aimed directly at Brown. The place then erupted into an all-out fist and bottle fight that injured at least five people. Now this is one version of the so-called facts. I would concede that there are many versions of alleged facts as there are witnesses to the messy affair. Most of the facts are sure to come out in the numerous lawsuits that have followed this shady event. However, whatever those other versions might show, it’s of no consequence to the argument I’m about to share. The only thing we need to agree upon is that Brown and Drake had an altercation, and at the center of that was Rihanna.

From this point on, the Chris Brown/Drake narrative seems to have a life of its own as it feeds our appetite for not only blood and gore but also romance. And why not? Rap music, along with the explicit sexual lyrics found in many of the top songs on the radio, has modern civilization starving for real romance. Hence the Brown-Rihanna-Drake triangle feeds a starved culture its necessary diet of true romance that we can’t quite get enough of.

What at first was a story of love denied between Brown and Rihanna, like Romeo & Juliet, has become a classic love triangle resembling Shakespeare’s Othello. The story has evolved to feature Brown, Drake and Rihanna. Interestingly, there are spectators that want to see a blood bath because some of us get excited over drama that’s not happening to us. Then there are others that hope the whole thing will only amount to just a few lawsuits. What I’m afraid about is that this thing will turn into something more like the Greek tragedy Antigone or Shakespearian misfortune, Othello.

Love is a funny thing. It drives different people to do different things. Reports have recently been swirling about Rihanna’s depression over not being able to get back together with Brown. By the same token, it’s interesting that some of the same rumors have been circulating about Brown wanting to get back together with Rihanna. Drake appears to be the odd man out in this equation, and I’m not sure he is altogether happy with that role.

It’s really starting to shape up into an uncontrollable tragic narrative, and the order of events couldn’t make this clearer.

We are spectators watching the whole thing unfold a little bit at a time. Two days ago, Brown was fanning the flames of this feud when he took to his Twitter account and lunched another one of his typical Chris Brown tirades, tweeting; “It upsets u that I’m not this hoodlum enraged, young black man you wanna portray me as. They did it to Mike… I can handle it! #imdone.” He just can’t walk away, and that’s exactly how tragedy is played out; it orders your behavior.

Let’s hope that we are misreading these signs and take the stance that this too will pass. But it’s not entirely up to us, it’s up to Chris Brown. He can perhaps stop this before it’s too late. I know that the Greeks were unable to prevent their own tragic outcomes, and Shakespeare’s tragedies seemed to follow same predictable course; unfortunately, it appears that neither will we be able to reverse the inevitable until it’s far too late. Just ask “Antigone.”

Now Browns at it again. He’s stirring up the pot. Is he that bored that he thinks it’s his duty to watch after someone other than himself. He sound kinda condescending asking Rihanna to curb her wild lifestyle. What about his; can she inquire about what he was doing in a bar engaged in mortal combat with Drake.

What do you think?

To Be Continued…..

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