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Facts are facts, political ads are something else

By James Turnage

I can’t imagine anyone who is not already sick of the deluge of political advertising.  What a waste of money, (thank you SCOTUS).

Here is the truth about our economy.

The blame belongs to two presidents, and neither is Mr. Obama. Clinton and Bush the second are the entire reason we are in the crapper.

Clinton began it all by giving tax breaks to companies who sent our jobs overseas. Bush accelerated the situation. Now add in two wars that were never added to the national deficit, the removal of regulations on the stock market and banks, and you’ve got a hell of a mess. The icing on the cake were the sub-prime mortgages given to thousands who truly could not afford to purchase a home. The outcome is that the housing market crashes.

Thanks to the ruling on “citizens united,” the ridiculously rich, who benefited from these unconscionable policies, are now attempting to put Bush the third into power.

It took ten years to get our country into the mess it is in today. We’re not going to climb out of it until employment returns, until America once again manufactures something other than cars and pharmaceuticals. Bring our jobs home. I DO know how to ease unemployment. But Romney may know even better how to buy an election, with help, of course.

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