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Handguns, NRA, republican party and the constitution

By James Turnage

(Anyone I piss off with this essay deserves it). The Constitution of the United States provides that we have the right to own and possess firearms. The provision was made so the militia, or military, could not become so powerful as to take over the government. It meant that we could and should own rifles for self defense. I believe there is much validity to our founding fathers’ logic. Hand guns were never mentioned. There weren’t many. (Little fact be known, the Constitution actually forbids a standing army).

I heard a psychologist once who reported that the reason so many innocents have been murdered with a hand gun is because it is impersonal and fired from a distance. He further stated that if we had to be in physical contact with our adversary, such as beating or stabbing them with a knife, most civilized humans could not act upon their rage.

Hand guns were invented with one purpose in mind: killing another human being. Unfortunately, I know of persons with the sad experience of having a family member murdered by a hand gun. All of you have heard the same thing on your local news. I also have not known one individual who has defended him or herself with a pistol. I have also read about mentally incompetent individuals being able to legally obtain handguns!

After listening to so many impressive slogans and fearful viewpoints, I now believe that the National Rifle Association and most of the members of the Republican Party are right. Everyone, no matter their age or disability, should carry a handgun. And I believe that the NRA should supply them for free to all Americans. This would stop all criminal activity because eventually everyone would become criminals, and the law could not prosecute all of us.

Kids in school should carry guns. If someone bullies them or even gives them a “dirty” look, shoot ‘em. If someone cuts you off in traffic, shoot ‘em. If anyone dare stand in line at the grocery store in the “ten items or less” line, with a basket full of crap, shoot ‘em. If your neighbor plays loud music, don’t talk to him about it, just shoot ‘em. No more divorce, just shoot ‘em. If you disagree with someone’s political views, shoot ’em.

With everyone allowed to carry a hand gun, we could eliminate most laws. We could also thin out the population. Maybe, if we were very lucky, the governing body of the NRA and a hell of a lot of our legislators would get involved in the melee. We could get rid of a lot of useless people.

There would be no more of their idiotic slogans and spin on the truth about hand guns. Hand gun and assault rifle supporters would be happy, and for them, that’s all that really counts. The body count would simply be a bonus. The handgun advocates in the U.S. would be orgasmic.

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