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Katie Holmes update: TomKat divorce predictable or inevitable?

A lesson to learn

By Michol Little

Powerhouse couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes occupy the non-sought after position of “most-in-the-news-lately” couple and “who-cares” followers. You can’t possibly read one article, clip or news blip within the entertainment pages and fail see their names in cyber print. America’s fascination with the rich and famous never seems to diminish even during political war-games, economic jeopardy, or personal brink of financial ruin. One supposition would postulate that readers look to those who HAVE so those who HAVE-NOT can continue to believe there is a better life than the present one we live. Tom and Katy are in the “have’s” category of successful entertainment circles, although I’m sure they would want their marital conflicts watched less publically. Personally, I believe if you’re going to put yourself out there, then most things are going to be game whether they should be or not.

There will be outcome speculation, of course. Media has to sell information and sensationalism works. The whodunit type questions arise and ratchet up our interests. It seems the latest and greatest question is:  “Did Katy pull the plug due to Tom’s passion and commitment to Scientology?”  Did anyone think for one minute Scientology wouldn’t be a justifiable basis to pull a family apart; send daughter Suri into the center of a struggle between the two; and give fodder to many more weeks of journalistic who-rah?  Well it has; it did; and a snapshot of current events waiting to explode might justify a look-see.

There is an upcoming Movie due to be released in the fall of 2012, written, directed and produced by Paul Thomas Anderson called “THE MASTER.”  Film sources close to Anderson report the plot seems to closely resemble the personal path of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and the Church of Scientology. They call it a Church?  Well that’s another article to be written, so be watchful; it’s coming. Tom Cruise has been friends with Anderson since the filming of MAGNOLIA in 1999 it seems. It is reported in the New York Daily News that Tom previewed the movie with Anderson prior to its pending release this fall and “hit the roof.”   Wrap.com as well as Huffington Post reports the implications were evident; the film seems to mirror the Scientology rise to fame, as well as its founder closely. In one particular scene the fictional founder, Lancaster Dodd (played by Philip Seymour Hoffman) of the religious movement “The Cause,” is pompously elaborating on his theoretical ideology, when another character in the group makes the comment:  “You know he’s making this up as he goes along.”  Cruise and other Scientology members rose up in arms with the implication that their religious sect is the fanciful imagination of a nutty professor.

Here is a bit of trivia worth mentioning:  Founder Hubbard once was a writer of pulp and sci-fi who later established the Church of Scientology in the 1950’s; the movie THE MASTER also occurs in the 50’s. Both fictional Dodd and Hubbard’s wife’s name was Mary Sue; and both Hubbard and Dodd seemed to do most of their creative modeling of their religious beliefs while on a boat according to Wrap.com.

The movie “THE MASTER” along with other recent newsworthy reports from past members of the “cult” (as some have called Scientology), may signal the final curtain venue on TomKat’s marriage if all goes down the toilet for an amicable settlement. Most likely it will be in family court and not civil court says Scott Pilutik, legal authority on Scientology and New York City attorney in a conversation with “The Voice.”  Pilutik goes on to say:

“Consequently, questions about Scientology can easily become relevant and justifiable to the extent they adversely affect Suri. And Suri herself may, or rather likely will, have a say in this. Which raises another interesting issue — what happens if the court orders a psychiatrist to examine Suri? It’s a strong possibility in a contested custody case.”

Credible testimony on just how much Scientology enters the equation could come from the preponderance of verifiable information from past Scientology members such as former wife Nicole Kidman describing her very public fight over custody of Bella, now 19 and Connor, 17.

Celebrity News recently wrote that Nicole believed Scientology brainwashed her children resulting in her current estrangement. Karen De La Carriere, ex-wife of previous Scientologist President Heber Jentzsch reportedly told The Hollywood Reporter that “church” members deliberately diminished Nicole as a parent in front of her children on several occasions and believes it has undeniably caused the Cruise children to turn a cold shoulder toward their Mom.

The lineup of Katie supporters could come from recently excommunicated and ex-granddaughter of L. Ron Hubbard, Roanne Leake as reported by Tony Ortega of The Village Voice as well as Ron Miscavige, Sr.,  father to David Miscavige current Leader since Hubbard’s death in 1986. Many seem to think there is an implosion of great proportions on the horizon for Scientology’s elite. It is odd as the media retraces the life and curiosities of Tom Cruise that in all three of his marriages, they fell apart when his wives aged to 33 including Katie, and all were involved in Scientology because of Tom. I hope that doesn’t mean women finally come to their senses at nearly 40 years old. Egads!

In roaming through the annals of news articles trying so see trends and personalities of Tom and Katie which may have contributed to the breakup, you can’t ignore the repeated accusations yet never substantiated that Tom is gay. On the gay website “Manhunt” an open letter to Tom recently invites him to finally come out with his impending divorce, offering an unlimited lifetime membership. As far as movie goers feel, I suspect they could care less about the aging Tom and his maniacal displays on Oprah; his vehement declarations on his religious beliefs; and his attack on Matt Lauer. He has lost the sexy guy image it seems, and taken on the more contentious lunatic, scary and unpredictable vestiges of a psycho which may have been his intention. His movie ratings appear to be up in the aftermath of the couch-jumping frenzy on Oprah, while Katie’s career has taken a tumble during mommy-hood.

All in all, none of this really matters as much as whether us voyeurs of public personalities get our daily fix of trash and trivia on those who dare to be in the category of “the have’s” while we use the excitement of finding out whodunit; who is going to be the next victim of whatever; and do we really care about the price of tea in China anyway?  as an excuse for following something so personal not to mention none of our business. In the end, it is all about the best for Suri and all the children of this world caught in similar situations being a pawn between two parents, celebrity or not. We can always get our daily fix on sensationalism; just click away on your browser. There isn’t enough years left in your life most likely to read it all. The justification I feel important to consider in yet another anecdotal article among the multitude, is that the sometimes dangerous influence of a religious sect, cult or religious fanatic is noteworthy, whether it is the public recognition of celebrities like Tom and Katie who are so visible, or the family down the street. It should make one ponder for more than a few minutes how movie stars, sports heroes, political leaders  and spiritual guides who bring all of the same ugly yet personal baggage into the limelight really show us how NOT to behave. While we may look through the proverbial rose hued glasses at thinking many public figures get a pass on how they conduct their life, and how public their opinions can influence many, it is notable that what they do, say, act and believe can make a difference especially to the stargazers, the youth and us oldies who are still wishing we could be a movie star and be in the HAVE group of the wealthy.