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“McHale’s Navy” Actor Ernest Borgnine Dies: Video Included

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By DiMarkco Chandler

“McHale’s Navy” and Oscar winning actor Ernest Borgnine died today of renal failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Sacramental California. The 95-year-old actor had his family by his side according to Harry Flynn, his longtime spokesman.

Borgnine emerged as a great actor in the 1955 Academy Award winning Best Picture, Marty. Borgnine was nominated and won the Academy Award for Best Actor in Marty for his role as Marty Piletti, a heavy set Italian American Butcher. Last year, the actor was honored with the “Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award,” at the 17th annual SAG Awards ceremony.

Borgnine was married on five occasions. According to Wikipedia.org, the actor first married was Rhada Kemins in 1949. After his divorce in 1958, Borgnine tied the knot again in 1959, wedding Katy Jurado. This marriage ended in 1963 and was followed by his third nuptial in 1964 to Ethel Merman which, barely lasted a month. In 1965, Borgnine married his fourth wife, Donna Rancourt. The union produced three children: a son and two daughters. After his union with Rancourt ended in 1972, Borgine married Tova Traesnaes, his fifth and final wife.

The USA Today reported that during a recent interview “Borgnine complained that he wanted to continue acting but most studio executive kept asking, ‘is he still alive?’”

Ernest Borgnine’s career spanned over six decades.