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Lana Del Ray’s “National Anthem” Continues Her Meteoric Rise

Sexy Lana Del Ray Is Truly Artistic: Just Watch “Video Games”

By DiMarkco Chandler

A recent cursory review by Todd Martens of the Los Angeles Times revealed that the writer may be clueless when it comes to Lana Del Rey. The up and coming singer is quite consistent as her music is a combination of visual, lyrical and music. In fact, the music and lyrics alone provoke the visual images suggested by both tone and words. Her debut single clearly captures the artist’s unique identity so Martens should not have been surprised by her JFK project titled “National Anthem.”

Nevertheless, there are reviewers that are better acquainted with Del Ray’s melancholy style. Reuters recently reported that the young artist “gave a fourth of July concert at the Montreux Jazz festival that left fans wanting more of the American Chanteuse, who swept to fame last year on the back of her haunting ‘Video Games’ single,”

It appears that Martens, who calls “National Anthem,” Del Ray’s “latest ploy… to get press,” is unable to recognize that Del Ray is not a pop singer; she is instead dabbling in a mixture of indie and jazz. Thus, her “National Anthem” video richly reflects this direction.

The dailymail.co.uk reports that legendary producer Harvey Weinstein has taken interest in the crooner. This is sure evidence or her talent since Del Ray is able to attract film producers through the images engendered through her music.

Music lovers ought to keep an ear and an eye on this young artistic starlet for she is destined to continue her rise to super stardom.

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