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Miami Heat and Ray Allen agree to terms on a 1 year, 3 Million dollar contract…

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By Patrick Ricci

Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the 2012 NBA Finals Champion Miami Heat are getting their wish.

Ray Allen is southbound. Next stop, Miami, FL.

And the rich get richer.

Allen told the Heat on Friday night that he will accept their contract offer and leave the Boston Celtics after five seasons.

Allen and the Celtics won the 2007-2008 NBA title, beating the Los Angeles Lakers in six games and lost in the 2009-2010 NBA finals to finals MVP Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers in seven games.

The Heat beat the Celtics on their way to the 2011-2012 NBA title in the Eastern Conference finals in six games. The Heat lost the 2010-2011 NBA finals to the Dallas Mavericks in six games.

Allen was offered a 12 million dollar, 2 year contract by the Celtics, choosing instead to accept Miami’s 1 year, 3 million dollar contract.

Miami could only offer Allen the mini mid-level, worth about $3 million a year, due to salary cap restrictions.

Allen cannot officially sign until Wednesday July 11th because of the league’s moratorium on free agent signing announcements.

Allen’s reasoning for leaving the Celtics was said to be 4 fold. One, his strained relationship with Celtics point guard Rajon Rando, two, GM Danny Ainge’s using him as bait in trade talks for quite some time now, three, coach Doc Rivers reluctance to put Allen back in the starting lineup at the end of last season, and four, his dream of wanting to put 1 more NBA title under his belt before retiring.

“There’s still a lot of basketball left in my legs,” said Allen, a future Hall of Famer. At 37 years old, this would likely be his last best chance of realizing his dream of one more NBA title.

Details of the contract offer will be made public on Wednesday.

Here’s hoping your dreams come true Ray.