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Romney, Obama and the DREAM Act

By Donald Norris

On the Fourth of July, the United States was celebrating its independence. Speaking of independence, think of the children of illegal immigrants. Think of those immigrant children who were born in other countries and were brought to the United States by illegal immigrants. Think of those children who abide by the laws of this nation and want to become American citizens and succeed. Think of those children who are trying to go to college and find decent jobs but are facing many obstacles. Don’t those children deserve freedom as well? You will have to make an important decision about whether or not to support the DREAM Act if you have not already made the decision. You should let your representatives know if you support or do not support the DREAM Act. The choice is yours. Barack Obama obviously supports the DREAM Act. Mitt Romney is obviously on the other side of the fence. The DREAM Act has many pros and cons. The DREAM Act can enable children who are illegal immigrants to become citizens, go to college, and find good jobs. A con of the DREAM Act is that it may result in more illegal immigrants coming to the United States to help their children find more opportunities. Please do not let your political affiliation interfere with your views of the DREAM Act. Think about the DREAM Act in an open-minded and objective manner. Think carefully about the positives and the negatives of the act. Make the decision yourself, and do not let others make the decision for you.