NCAA Delivers Knockout Punch to Penn State

By Steve Kish

I am sure Penn State is wishing they got the so called “Death
Penalty”. Sure losing the program for a year or two would have lost
the University millions in revenue. They would have had to start all
over from scratch. It’s amazing to think that the “death penalty”
would have been a better alternative to what the NCAA handed down

Penn State was leveled with a $60M fine, removal of all victories
since 1998, a four year bowl ban and the loss of 10 initial
scholarships and 20 scholarships total each year for a four year
period. Also the NCAA has decided to let any current PSU player
transfer immediately without the normal one year waiting period.

The Big Ten added their own punishment to Penn State. A five year
probation to run concurrently with the NCAA’s punishment. The Nittany
Lions will not be allowed to play in the Big Ten Championship game for
for years to coincide with the four year bowl ban the NCAA placed on
them. Penn State must also pay what is estimated to be $13 million “to
established charitable organizations in Big Ten communities dedicated
to the protection of children,” the conference said. The $13 million
estimate comes from Penn State’s share of the Big Ten bowl revenue.

The $60M fine that the NCAA penalized Penn State with will be
allocated to “external programs preventing child sexual abuse or
assisting victims and may not be used to fund such programs at the
university.” The $60M is equal to what the football program brings in
for yearly revenue.

With the vacating of wins from 1998 to 2011, 112 wins, 111 being by
Joe Paterno. This loss of victories moves Paterno from 409 wins to
298. Paterno who was number one in career wins in NCAA history is now
12th on the list. Bobby Bowden with 377 is now number one in FBS
history. Eddie Robinson, the late legendary Grambling coach is now
again the overall NCAA Division 1 leader with 408 wins. Bowden was
quoted today saying ”I didn’t want it to happen like this. Wish I
could have earned it, but that’s the way it is.”

These sanctions are program killing, it will take Penn State years to
get back to where they once were. Penn State will have to operate with
65 scholarships instead of the normal 85. The loss of scholarships
stops them from competing with the Alabamas’ and Texas’ of college
football. Trying to recruit top tier players will be a nightmare. Ohio
State, Michigan, Pittsburgh, West Virginia and other football programs
will pluck the best athletes from the state now. Penn State will now
have to fight and claw for recruits. The days of “we are Penn State”
are over. Parents as well the student athlete will be leary of Penn
State. Is it safe for our son, when will this black cloud pass over?
Selling a program with a four year bowl ban will be an almost
impossible task. Yes I am sure Penn State will get that recruit that
would have gone to be a big time Subdivision player and he turns out
to do great things for them. Overall this penalty is a four year
“death penalty”, if not longer.

The University’s reputation has taken a huge smack across the face.
The legend of Joe Pa is cracking and fading everyday. Paterno is not
here to defend himself, but he was there to defend those kids, and he
didn’t. Paterno didn’t, other university officials didn’t, and shame
on them. Now those not involved have to suffer. A simple failure to
contact the proper authorities , to save the name and reputation of
Penn State and the football program , has caused an avalanche of
chaos. Paterno’s legend will forever be tarnished, Penn State will
forever be known as the place the “tickle monster” roamed free. We are
Penn State, simple words for motivating, yet not motivating enough to
protect those that needed protected the most.

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