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Obama or Romney, What’s the difference


By James Turnage

Being an independent voter is hard.  I have seldom had a candidate who I sincerely wished to support. The 2012 election is no different.

In 2008, I was so excited about Barrack Obama. I hoped he was the next Harry Truman or at least the essence of JFK. He was, until he became the president.

Here I am again.  I’ll be voting for the lesser of two evils.  I have a choice of Romney, who is rich and will take care of his rich friends as he has in the past.  He will make sure women remain third class citizens, thanks to his religious beliefs, and will ensure we will be estranged from the rest of the world.

Or I will vote for Mr. Obama again.  He deserted those who voted for him.  He allowed the extreme right to rule his first term and failed to be the aggressor, the front runner for the majority of the American public.  Programs he promised were set aside or weakened to such extremes that we, the people, are no better off than we were in 2008.

So what do I do?  I have no choice.  I certainly cannot vote for Romney.  His past is laced with policies and procedures that will not make my life better.  He has not actually stated any sort of ideology to this point.  He is full of “Bush” style rhetoric: saying nothing and promising everything.

And I am still not eager to vote for Mr. Obama once again.  His political advertisements haven’t promised me he will be a more assertive president in a second term. He hasn’t conveyed to me that he will crush those who do not support the real values, the very essence of our country. I’m not sure that I, a man who worked for 47 years, in a country I loved, still exists for me.

If I were a member of Congress, the Senate or even the Supreme Court, my future would not be vague. These people, who all working men and women and I in the USA employ, have no worries. They know their future is guaranteed. Why isn’t mine.  I gave everything I was able to give to my country, and now I worry day to day if I can keep my moderate home, if I can pay my bills every month and, if I get extremely ill, if my family will not have to go bankrupt to pay the bills.

Where is my president?  Where are the people I voted for?  Why do I vote at all?

If I sound disgruntled, I am.  I want my country, my government, back.  I do not want extremists on either side controlling my future or those of my grandchildren.


Sun Valley, Nevada

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