Romney is booed at the annual NAACP for criticizing Obama

By  Albert Angulo
 In a very snobby  manner, almost condescending, Mitt Romney declared Wednesday he’d do more for African Americans than Barack Obama.
“If you want a president who will make things better in the African American community, you are looking at him,” Romney told the group’s annual convention. Pausing as some in the crowd laughed, he added, “You take a look!”
Romney was booed when he vowed to repeal “Obamacare” the Democrats’ signature health care measure, but  the crowd interrupted him when he accused Obama of failing to spark a more robust economic recovery.

“I know the president has said he will do those things. But he has not. He cannot. He will not,” Romney said as the crowd’s murmurs turned to groans. “I am going to give the same message to the NAACP that I give across the country, which is that Obamacare is killing jobs.”

Four months before the election, Romney’s appearance at the NAACP convention was a direct, aggressive appeal for support from across the political spectrum in what polls show is a close contest. Romney doesn’t expect to win a majority of black voters. Ninety five percent backed Obama in 2008, but he’s trying to show independent and swing voters that he’s willing to reach out to diverse audiences, while demonstrating that his campaign and the Republican Party he leads are inclusive. Romney’s criticism of Obama didn’t set well with some in the audience.

“Dumb,” said Bill Lucy, a member of the NAACP board.

William Braxton, a 59-year-old retiree from Maryland, added, “I thought he had a lot of nerve. That really took me by surprise, his attacking Obama that way.”

2 Responses to "Romney is booed at the annual NAACP for criticizing Obama"

  1. BenJamin   July 14, 2012 at 1:29 am

    Why did you not mention the applause Romney received at the end of his speech, when he was detailing his plans to grow the economy. Or the fact that this is the exact same message he has given to every audience he’s spoken in front of, for months, meaning he does NOT change his stance to suit his audience.

    Unlike Hillary, who adopted a thick southern accent when speaking to the NAACP, and famously said “Ah ain’t in no ways tahrd…”

    Or President Obama’s use of far more slang when talking to them.

    Excellent bit of biased propaganda you’ve written here, slick.


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