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Ron Paul Will Be On the Ballot at the Republican Convention

By Randy Rose
Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul has qualified to have his name on the ballot at the Republican Convention this August in Tampa, Florida. He did win a plurality of delegates 6 States including Nevada. Dr. Paul only needed 5 States to qualify. Even though he lost Nebraska he did qualify on May 4th but the mainstream media made such a big deal about it and lied to all of us because they do not want Obama to lose to Ron Paul. The Progressive media wants Mitt Romney because Obama polls close to Obama but Ron Paul would win by a landslide. Do you in your own mind first think that Ron Paul has no chance? That is because you have been programmed for the last 12 years by the media that he is a Radical. That is why everybody’s first thought is that he does not have a chance. The facts are that he will be on the ballot, and many of the delegates who are not bound to Romney will vote for Ron Paul on the first ballot. If Romney does not get the full number of delegates voting for him, then all delegates are free to vote their conscience. A lawsuit filed in federal Court in California may release all the delegates before the Convention starts. The bottom line is that Ron Paul still has a chance to win the Nomination. If Romney was smart, he would offer Ron Paul the Vice-Presidential spot on the ticket. That would insure a Romney victory. That would also make Ron Paul the president of the Senate.

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