Sad reality faces Michael Jackson’s 3 Children as Katherine’s struggles are made public

The king of pop may be gone but the family drama continues

By DiMarkco Chandler:

Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, is finally speaking out after conflicting reports of her whereabouts came to an end on Wednesday. The controversy included a battle that played out in court over custody of Michael’s 3 children; Prince, Paris, and Blanked.

“Hello I’m Katherine Jackson,” and with those words, her first public words in ten days, Katherine gave her side of her story. She was surrounded by her children Jermaine, Janet, Rebbie, and Rebbie’s daughter and the marketing director from where she’s been staying.

“They’re rumors going around about me that I’ve been kidnapped and held against my will. I’m here today to let everybody know, that I’m fine, and I’m here with my children. And my children will never do a thing like that ‘Hold me against my will.’ It is very stupid for people to think that” said Katherine Jackson to ABC news.

Late Saturday night, Katherine’s nephew reported her missing from the Jacksons compound in Calabasas. Paris tweeted Sunday morning, “my grandmother is missing I haven’t spoken with her in a week I want her home now.” She had a written statement, as the ABC reporter was not allowed to ask any questions.

Jermaine has explain “she is resting on doctor’s orders, she is an 82 year old woman, she is emotional, she was reading form a prepare scrip and she needs some help from time to time.”

Michael Jackson’s Will, named Katherine as the guardian of his children; but a Los Angeles courtroom judge ordered temporary custody of Prince, Paris, and Blanked to their cousin, Tito’s son, 34-year-old TJ Jackson.

“I am devastated that while I was away my grandchildren have been taken away from me,” said Katherine.

In court, the judge said he was granting TJ temporary custody because Katherine is being prevented from acting as guardian. Katherine’s own lawyers suggested she was being held against her will. TJ’s lawyer told ABC that the two older kids signed the consent for it.

A number of Michael’s Jackson sibilants are still contenting his Will, citing fraud charges. Their claims were denied by both the executers and the courts two years ago.

On Wednesday, TJ describe his conversation with the Jackson matriarch as strange. He said, “The way she sounded, I have never heard her sound like that… some words sounded slurred.” Randy also tweeted “I was on the phone at 9pm in Los Angeles, with my sister Rebbie, when my mother FIRED Trent and Security from the house.”

Finally, in the interview, Katherine repeated, “I will be home today and they’re waiting for me to come. This is all I have to say, good-bye.”

Today, Paris tweeted lyrics form her father’s song “I’ll Be There.”

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