Republican Chris Edwards comments on Dina Titus

By Randy Rose:
Dina Titus continues to rubber stamp her support even as Obama continues to go around congress with his Executive Orders. There is a preview of what she will do in Congress just like she already did in Congress before being fired by the people of CD 3.
Chris Edwards, a U.S. Naval Commander feels Obama is abusing the separation of powers between the Judical, Executive and Legislative branches. He feels Obama is skirting the law with the end around action bypassing Congress altogether. “If the president can’t work and form a consensus with Congress, Dina Titus believes he can do anything he wants,” Edwards said in an interview. “When he bypasses Congress, he makes Congress irrelevant. If she wants to be irrelevant, she can be irrelevant anywhere in the country. She doesn’t have to go to Congress.” Dina Titus feels that the President is right in doing this because the Republicans in Congress will not pass his agenda. Can you imagine if President Bush did the same thing when the Democrats were doing the same thing back in 2007. Barney Frank and Pelosi and Reid would be yelling at the top of their lungs. “I think some of the president’s actions have been out of frustration because you can’t get anything out of the Congress,” said Titus, a former congresswoman who was fired by the voters in District 3 in 2010. “Well, I think it is dangerous, but I don’t think that you can just pin it all on what this president has done,” Titus said. “It’s a much bigger systematic problem than what this president’s done.” She drones on not making any sense. Chris Edwards said this about the retread Dina Titus, “She’s wiling to forgo the checks and balances so the president can do something that’s so expedient,” Edwards said. “We always get ourselves in trouble when we start to abandon our constitutional principles. We have to make sure it works right, not that it works easy. Why is she even running for office if she wants to abdicate her role?” So we have a choice with Dina Titus you get the Obama rubber stamp, more of the same old tired story. Chris Edwards has a new plan that will enrich your wallet. Gross pay instead of Net pay. No more Income Tax. You get $100 a month with no strings attached. Vote for Chris Edwards even if you are a Democrat.