Large Storms & tornadoes racing across Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio, airport delays mounting

By DiMarkco Chandler:

Weather is making news tonight. A rough and active line of deeply embedded severe storms are moving across the country this evening, stretching from Oklahoma all the way up through New England.

A total of 36 million Americans are in the path of these storms. Tornado watches and warnings have been posted now throughout the North East, and reports of a tornado this evening in Elmira New York are real.

It was a nice sunny summer day in the north east, however the clouds soon began to overspread the sky.  Severe weather is breathing upon the large northeastern geographic area.

A line of severe storms has been racing across Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio up to 60 mph knocking down trees and well over 100,000 customers are already without power. That number expected to go up.

New England down across the Ohio Valley all the way to Oklahoma, a large swath of folks will see damaging wind-gusts in excess of 70 mph. The chance for tornadoes are highest in New York State and also the western sections of New England and the large hail and torrential rain that goes along with a big severe weather outbreak.

It could be one of the largest storms we’ve seen this year.

When you have that many storms on the map you are bound to have some big delays and for a lot of North East airports we have learned that those delays are mounting.

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