Sheryl Crow: Facebook Stalker Threatened to Shoot and Kill Me

By Jim Donahue

Wow, Sheryl Crow really knows how to attract the weirdos.

Sheryl has filed a restraining order request against Phillip Gordon Sparks, 45, who she says told a Screen Actors Guild employee he would “just shoot” Crow.

In his Facebook posts, Sparks allegedly accused her of breaking into his house for a gun, secretly filming him, and trying to have him arrested. “All of these allegations were, of course, categorically false,” says Crow. But Crow says Sparks took things to a scarier level last week … claiming he went to the offices of the Screen Actors Guild and told an employee that he was going to “just shoot me.”

Crow says the news was “extremely alarming” … and she now fears for the safety of her family, employees and her manager … whom Sparks allegedly mentioned by name in one of his posts.

Crow is asking for protection for herself and 16 other people — including her two sons, nanny, sister, assistant, parents, siblings and managers.

A judge has yet to rule on Crow’s request.

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