Siya Says, Her Newest Project Will Feature Waka And Meek Mills

SIYA: Born for this!

By Kelly Newson,

Coming from humbled beginnings, born in California but raised in
Brooklyn. Siya fell in love with hip hop at a young age. It was
hearing Bone Thugs N Harmony that influenced her to want to rap.
Though she was young and couldn’t fully understand what they were
saying she knew then that she wanted to be an MC as well. Siya
definitely has the skills to rap along side any rapper in the game
today. Siya raises the bar for female emcees and she does it by being
herself and garnering respect from her male counterparts including R&B
hit maker Tank whom she is working with on her ‘Letter to the Sky’
album set to be released later this month. I sat down with Siya in
between her time of recording and video shoots and here’s what she had
to say.

KJN: ‘Letter to the Sky,’ is the name of the new project. Will it be
an album or mixtape?
SIYA: I’ve created it as if it’s an album but it’ll be released free.
The whole layout will be album quality.

KJN: Are there any features on ‘Letter to the Sky?’
SIYA: I got a track called ‘I’m Gucci’ with Waka and another record we
gone get Meek Mill on.

KJN: Is Tank just a producer or is he featured as well?
SIYA: I have a few tracks with Tank

KJN: When can we expect ‘Letter to the Sky’?
SIYA: Either the end of July or beginning of August

KJN: Where will fans be able to download?
SIYA: Datpiff, live mixtapes, blogs, and I might do iTunes but I
don’t want to sell it. My fans waited long enough.

KJN: How would you compare ‘Letter to the Sky’ to your previous projects?
SIYA: I started ‘Letter to the Sky’ in New York and while out there
my frame of mind was definitely different because of what I was going
through. The music I was making then it was cool, I was content with
it but the whole transition from New York to LA being so inspired and
the people I’m around out here made it ten times better. Got some
party joints, some smoking joints, just a dope mixture of some good

KJN: How did you come up with the title ‘Letter to the Sky’?
SIYA: when I first came to LA to visit, it was last year and I linked
up with my homeboy Raj around the time Frank Ocean released ‘Acura
Integurl.’ I loved it so much I fell in love with that line in
particular, “I wrote a letter to the sky hoping one day you get to
kiss me” and one day we were kicking it and I was like hey bro can you
sample this so that’s how the record ‘Letter to the Sky’ came about.
The energy off that record was dope and I just loved the whole concept
behind ‘Letter to the Sky’ so to me my personal opinion of it this is
my letter to my fans, to my haters, to people who doubted me, to the
industry, you gone get the good with the bad.

KJN: What’s it like working with Tank?
SIYA: I’m in a great position right now dealing with Tank and
hopefully get some recognition from the main industry. Tank is very,
very humbled, and super talented. To wake up every morning and hear
this man sing or be in the studio with him being around his energy
it’s just crazy. It’s definitely a blessing and he never said nothing
about me to make me feel any type of way about my image. He loves it,
he respects it, he gets it and he’s not afraid of it.

KJN: You feel any pressure as a female Emcee?
SIYA: No, I was born for this, this industry isn’t for the faint at
heart. Honestly, I was born for this music is all I know there’s
nothing else I would rather be doing. If I can’t do music there’s no
purpose for me on earth.

KJN: Any favorite tracks on ‘Letter to the Sky’?
SIYA: right now I think my favorite record is definitely ‘I’m Gucci’
it’s a very turned up record, very southern but very catchy, it’s me
trying to set a trend. But of course the fan favorite is gone be
‘Heaven’ it’s a familiar record.

KJN: Will there be any videos released?
SIYA: ‘Heaven’ is already a video, ‘Heaven’ has been out for almost a
year and that’s how long I’ve been working on ‘Letter to the Sky.’
definitely ‘I’m Gucci’ gone have a video and I have another one in
there called ‘Bank.’

KJN: How many tracks are we looking at for ‘Letter to the Sky?’
SIYA: around 10 or 12

KJN: Any live shows or a tour coming up?
SIYA: A tour yes, when and where not sure yet. Right now the focus
is on getting the album done then we’ll be focusing on getting me on
more bills but that’s gone fall into place automatically once the
album drops

KJN: Where can fans keep up to date with you?
SIYA: and of course twitter: @Siya_ that’s always
the best place to find me or you can google Siya

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