“Twilight’s” Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Done For Good?

The apology is out, but is that enough?

By DiMarkco Chandler:

News agencies have recently reported that Robert Pattinson has move out of the house he shares with Kristen Stewart. Apparently, he hasn’t had any communications with her since the scandal broke. Sources say, he’s angry, frustrated, and embarrassed, to the point that he has refused to talk to Stewart, or be physically near her.

Though he has left his Los Angeles home, it is believed that Pattinson remains in the United States.

Rupert Sanders admission that “It didn’t mean anything, it was a short fling,” appears to contradict Stewart’s claim that the affair was “a momentary indiscretion.”

People Magazine has reported that Sanders is working towards fixing things up with his family. Juxtapose this with the reports that Pattinson has not spoken publicly about the incident and it is clear that Stewart’s male companions have completely deserted the “Twilight” star.

During yesterday’s frenzy, Stewart, Sanders and their so-called “momentary indiscretion” was reflected upon by a Gaga tweet, which reads: “Geez this Kirsten rob stuff is brutal. Makes me sad the way press acts. Hope they’re ok.”

If fans believe Stewart and Pattinson will eventually get back together, sure, they might, however, she will need to give it some time and distance. Stewart will also have to continue apologize to Pattinson. For the most part, she will have to convince Rob that this was a stupid mistake, and that she’s learned from her actions.

The possibilities of more things coming out is probably a sure thing. As we have learned, there are always two sides of a story. There could be people who know more and come forward sometime later. We’ll just have wait for Stewart and Pattinson’s next step.

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