Apple’s iphone 5 already being tested in San Francisco

By Albert Angulo:
When it comes to Apple’s next  iphone  we’ve already shown you rendered guesses of what the smartphone might look like, and we’ve shown you potential images,  but what about more real life hardware?
A spy shot taken on a train shows what may be an Apple affiliate giving the  iphone 5 some real world testing. Supposedly, the phone’s user tried to obscure the device as he held it, but you can just make out the Apple  logo on the handset’s back (we’ve heard the metal logo may act as a new antenna).
We can at least see that the smartphone appears very thin, and looks to have corners that curve in towards the phone’s back: both design elements we’ve seen in the supposed iPhone 5 cases.

The device in these images could certainly be some cheap knockoff of Apple products, but considering the image was supposedly taken near San Francisco, right in Apple’s backyard, this very well could be an iPhone 5 being given some stress tests outside of Apple’s campus, as part of last minute preparations for the phone’s launch.

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  1. me   July 28, 2012 at 7:07 am

    thats a 3gs

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