Update: 2012 Olympic Committee Crafts The Worst Rule In All Of Sports History

By George Rosado,

With the 2012 Summer Olympics approaching , do you remember having a race back in the neighborhood against your friends to see who was fastest? It happened about everyday and everyday someone different won and we would argue about it. If we had a false start we would argue but then start again. The genius of our age would only increase with age.

Not so!!! The International Olympic Committee has decided if you have one false start you are disqualified. One false start!!!  I assumed it was natural to have a false start. How do I expect those runners to control their explosive starts in order to compete against the best in the world? The start of the race is critical. It can determine the entire race and gives everyone a fighting chance to win or at least compete.

Now I tried to find out the identity of the committee, but it was harder than I assumed. Very secretive bunch they seem. I did not recognize one name from another, and even the American committee seemed unfamiliar. Are they world class athletes or do they have money and therefore influence. I did notice the top of the list has princes and kings from the Middle East and we know they don’t have much money. Why isn’t Bruce Jenner (God Bless his Face) or Carl Lewis on the committee. They seem logical choices considering they were the best in the world in their respected Olympics.

Now I know the best right now is Usain Bolt from Jamaica but how better to even out the field by causing the best to be disqualified i.e.: The Americans.

I believe this is the ultimate reason for the rules…Don’t Let the Americans Win!!!

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