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Wait Just A Minute; Did Cruise Mastermind his Divorce with Holmes?

By DiMarkco Chandler

Has anyone in the media considered the possibility that Cruise wanted out of the 5-year-old relationship? I think not. Nevertheless, think about it for a moment. How could Cruise not have known that Holmes’ had rented a private apartment, fired her Scientology staff, switched to a new cell phone, etc? It may even be possible that she did not have any real privacy when it came to the use of telephones. There are several android applications that allow one to eavesdrop on the conversations of others. Cruise may have been on top of the situation all along and in control of what appeared to be a surprise move on the part of Holmes.

I am quite suspicious about some of the strange behavior exhibited by the Mission Impossible actor leading up to Holmes’ surprise divorce announcement. The whole thing unfolds like a well-crafted movie thriller. Just think about the days, perhaps even the weeks, before Holmes sought out her lawyer and filed her divorce petition:

1)      TMZ republished a picture of Holmes and Cruise holding each other hands on June 16th in a city called Reykjavik. At the time, the tabloid suggested that “Tom wasn’t suspecting a thing,” or was he? The headline read “Tom and Katie Holding Hands in Iceland 2 WEEKS AGO”

2)      During the same time that TomKat was photographed in Iceland, Cruise deliberately announced his undying love for Holmes in several media outlets. Now it’s these various occasions when Cruise clearly makes a conscious effort to proclaim his genuine love for Katie that seems so suspicious. It is this behavior that would lead one to believe that they both might be complicit; however, if that were true, what would they have to gain? Apparently nothing that we know of.

We’re left with only one theory: Cruise had to know what was going on behind his back. After all, Scientology follows everyone. And Cruise’s strange behavior just does not make sense.

So now if you can believe that Scientology had Holmes in their sights before, during and after the entire ordeal, there can be only one plausible conclusion. That is that it was Cruise who masterminded the entire script because he wanted out of the relationship and Holmes who was unaware as she was simply playing out a predictable psychological role. Now, all of this is sheer speculation, but quite an interesting thought.

It is reasonable to believe that the Cruise Holmes agreement will completely prevent Holmes from communicating or leaking any information that will embarrass Cruise or his religion. And why not, we have to remember that he is Suri’s father, thus it is in the best interest of Suri to have a father that can be a part of her life instead of having him ruined in the media.

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