FX Leaks, Charlie Sheen’s “Anger Management” Get’s 90 New Episodes

Contributor–D. Chandler:

Al Davis use to have a saying that sparked enthusiasm. The Late Davis owned the Oakland Raiders before he died and was well known for his favorite phase “win baby win.” With the phrase, Davis was simply implying that that’s the only thing he knew how to do was to win. Well, it appears that Charlie Sheen was fashioned from the very same stock that produced Al Davis, because winning is the only thing he does and he truly does it well. And if that’s your “end game,” he’s the player you want on the field.

Perhaps that’s why FX took a chance on the contentious actor; which apparently has paid off.  It’s not official yet, but FX president, John Landgraf has leaked that the network will be picking up Charlie Sheen’s “Anger Management for an additional 90-episodes once the series meets its contractual ratings threshold; which is evidently a done deal.

You see, Landgraf let the cat out of the bag when he revealed that episodes 3-6 had already surpassed the ratings threshold needed to receive the substantial pickup. However, the way Sheen’s contract is worded, Landgraf has to wait until after the tenth episode before he can make an official announcement.

“Anger Management” features Charlie Sheen, who plays Dr. Charlie Goodson, and for the most part “Anger Management” shows Sheen doing what Sheen does best: playing a version of Charlie Sheen, but without the doctor part.

For those unfamiliar with Sheen’s contract, the famed actor took note of Tyler Perry’s lucrative deals with TBS: an initial 10-episode order with a guaranteed 90-episodes, if certain ratings requirements were met. Considering there’s no lack of Perry’s content on TBS, Sheen certainly took notice – though many were unsure if the one-time Two and a Half Men actor would be able to hit that mark.

Known for making some of the best decisions in the industry, FX’s deal with Sheen had many others taking notice. Seeing how Anger Management doesn’t necessarily fit within FX’s primetime programming block, many thought Landgraf had set the ratings mark Sheen needed to reach exceptionally high.  Being able to make use of the audience that Sheen can bring to any network, it was essentially a win-win contractual agreement for the network, no matter what the outcome.

Now, with Anger Management hitting those (perhaps not so lofty) ratings goals – likely around 2.2-2.3 million an episode – FX has the ability to instantly turn one of their series into something that’s able to be syndicated, thus providing a substantial financial profit for the network – much of which will allow it to continue to make the wonderful programming it has been for some time now.

With 90-episodes set to begin production over the course of two to three years, ”Anger Management” certainly could use some added support to its already stellar cast. Fortunately, that’s exactly what they’re getting, as Martin Sheen will be joining the cast.

Joining his son in a reoccurring role, Martin Sheen will be playing Charlie’s father on the series – certainly not a stretch for the legendary actor. Set to make his first appearance in the August 16th episode of the series, it is not yet know how many total episodes the elder Sheen will be appearing in.

However, with a 90-episode order currently in the works, hopefully Martin Sheen will be appearing throughout the entirety of the upcoming Anger Management run. Because while Charlie Sheen may have reached all ratings marks, having an onscreen father/son reunion will likely only boost the numbers.

We will see that chemistry unfold during next week, when the former baseball player is not that excited when his super-critical, bullying father shows up in his doorway.

The father and son are featured having an argument as they talk about their past, which involves a puppy. Meanwhile in the therapy group, Charlie attempts to help Lacey with road rage.

Aptly titled “Charlie’s Dad Visits”, the new episode will air Thursday, August 16 at 9:30 on FX. The last episode from the first season will air a week later, on August 23 to be exact.

With all the winning that seems to follow Sheen, it important to mention that he’s not the only one on the winning team. Yes, it is logically true that if Sheen wins, the team his is playing for must be winning to. Hence, FX stands to win big in this deal.

Once the freshmen series goes into syndication it’s going to be making bank. International sales alone will see foreign broadcasters spending between $900k and $1 million per episode!

Looks like the “Masheen” will be one of television’s biggest stars again!

The whole Charlie Sheen saga is a clear message to all the haters out in LaLa land. Get a life!

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