Gifford’s Confirmation that Taylor Swift Crashed Kennedy Wedding may be unreliable

There’s trouble brewing on the Kennedy compound. At the present time it may simply be an inter-family squabble; however, it’s possible the story has legs. The question everyone is asking is “did the 22-year-old Taylor Swift crash the wedding of Liam Kerr and Kyle Kennedy?” With Kathie Gifford providing her own personal observations and Swift’s camp defending the teen idol, there’s a potential the controversy could resonate for weeks.

The controversy was initially triggered when Swift joined her 18-year-old boyfriend, Conor Kennedy, at his cousin’s wedding. According to Victoria Gifford Kennedy, Swift was not a welcome guest, and even refused to exit after being politely asked to do so.

The “Boston Herald” reported that Gifford Kennedy received a text from Conor about an hour before the ceremony asking if he and Swift could attend. Victoria says her response was quite clear, texting back: “Please do not come.” Nevertheless, upon Swift and Kennedy’s unwelcome arrival and consequent distraction, which significantly impacted the event, Victoria says she personally went up to Taylor and asked her as nicely as she could to leave. “It was like talking to a ghost. She seemed to look right past me,” were Gifford Kennedy’s words, according to the “Herald.

Kathy Lee Gifford, step grandmother of the bride, Kyle Kennedy, was an invited guest. So this morning on the “Today” show she offered her unofficial eye-witness observation, stating that “the truth is, because I was there, Vicky, [Frank Gifford’s daughter and mother of the bride], Vicky’s account of what happen in Boston is accurate, because she said to me as it was happening, ‘I’m really not happy about this’ I said what happened” responded Lee Gifford, “she told me that Conor had emailed her or texted her or something like that, like an hour before and said um, see here’s the thing, he had not RSVP’d, so she didn’t even know if he was coming or not, she heard that he might be, but he got in touch with her an hour earlier and said basically, ‘can I bring my girlfriend;’ and [looking at] the beautiful sit down dinner that had been planned for months, … She says very nicely, ‘Please do not come.’ Guess what,’ they came [anyway].” Then co-host, Boda, asked Gifford if Swift and Kennedy exited the wedding after they were twice asked to leave? She replied, “I thought she did, I was out in the hallway and she was waiting standing around and he came out and took her by the hand and they left, so I didn’t know there was any drama going on at the time until I spoke to Vicky. I’m not sure she didn’t know she wasn’t invited… It’s the bride’s day and that was Vicky’s other concern; ‘this is my daughter’s day and I would appreciate it if you not come.’ If he had done the right thing originally and RSVP’d and then had called weeks before and said, may I; then I think Vicky would have graciously said ‘yes you may.’”

While Kathy Lee Gifford’s story rings true, Paula Erikson, a spokesperson from Swift’s camp denies the claim and insists that Swift was an invited guest, stating that “The bride thanked her profusely for being there.” Moreover, in an interview with E! News, Swift’s rep states, “the accusation made by the mother of the bride is false… There is no truth to that.”

Without a direct response from Taylor Swift herself, we are stuck with Lee Gifford  and Vicky Kennedy’s eyewitness accounts of the events.

Still, that should not prevent us from digging a little deeper.

While Lee Gifford may not have anything against Swift per say, there appears to be an incident from Kathy’s past that might tend to somewhat color her recollection. The incident directly involves her step daughter’s accusation against her husband, Michael Kennedy, now deceased, (resulting from a tragic skiing accident) claiming she caught him (Michael Kennedy) sleeping with their daughter’s babysitter two years prior to his accidental death. Subsequently, around the same time, Lee Gifford learned of her husband’s infidelity. This sort of revelation could be relevant as both Lee Gifford and Vicky Kennedy could have developed a special kind of bond and relationship  over the years, which perhaps continues to this day.

No, I am not saying that Lee Gifford’s account is false. I’m merely pointing out the fact that her account may not be without a measure of bias and therefore might not be as reliable as reported.

A call to Swift’s spokeswoman was not immediately returned.

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